Digital holography provides superior precision and accurate data.

extreme conditions
We thrive in those environments — heat, cold, wet, dry — where getting meaningful data is a challenge.

non-destructive testing

When it's necessary to gather data unobtrusively, optics provides the solution.

emerging measurement needs
New and emerging technologies call for special measures.



Non-intrusive, non-destructive testing.

NASA grounds their Shuttle fleet, leaving the International Space Station on its own. Rescue workers pick their way through the shaky debris of the World Trade Center. A videotape horrifically captures both wings snapping off a disintegrating C-130 tanker as it fights a blaze north of Yosemite. A medical researcher seeks new vaccines in a delicately expanding crystal of protein.

What's in common here? Non-destructive evaluation optics finds cracks in Shuttle propulsion plumbing, flags buildings near collapse, inspects critical plane parts, and penetrates protein crystal solutions. Extreme Diagnostics creates on-line structural health monitoring solutions that probe to the core without leaving a trace. When you want to measure, not mutilate, Extreme Diagnostics can provide the data.