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Extreme Diagnostics expertise and experience.

Extreme expertise and experience.

At Extreme Diagnostics if you request a doctor, our entire staff responds. Their Ph.D. degrees range from physics to anthropology, and their names are in hundreds of technical papers and patents throughout the scientific and engineering literature. Individually and collectively they have scores of scientific honors.

Our Principal Scientist spent over a decade designing, building, and flying laser systems for NASA, and was among the first to use holography and interferometry in low-gravity environments. Our employees logged over 8000 parabolas in the NASA low-g simulation aircraft, where they optically tracked the actions of materials and biological samples.

In addition to our marine particle sensor and holographic interferometer, we developed an adaptive optics system that automatically stays aligned in microgravity flight. Extreme Diagnostics personnel convert laboratory systems into practical optical instruments, and use neural networks and holographic optical elements to develop smart instruments and optical computers. We also perform optical non-destructive testing and evaluation.

Our administrative staff includes a former director of the Colorado R&D Consortium, a graduate-trained government contract manager, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Photonics Industry Association. In addition, we referee technical papers for Applied Optics, Optics Letters, and the Optical Society of America, and consult for industry, government and university clients.