non-destructive testing
Extreme Diagnostics evolves to deal with post-9/11 realities. Our Autonomous Health Sensor (AHS) will be a portable, non-invasive testing system that remotely scans and monitors at-risk aerospace transports, dams, bridges, roadways and buildings.

running tests
in zero gravity

NASA asked us to design and build a way to measure how fluids behave in space. Then we climbed aboard their zero-G simulation aircraft to test it.

robot subs

We outfitted robotic submarines to collect coastal dynamics data off Florida's Gulf Coast, and set up a way to control them from our lab in Boulder, Colorado.

R&D lab
in a suitcase

NASA needed a way to monitor protein crystals growing on board the International Space Station. We developed a custom lab—and fit it all into a ruggedized, portable unit.

Precise measurement under demanding conditions
, in extreme environments, for new and emerging technologies — Extreme Diagnostics uses a host of advanced measurement techniques to provide superior precision and quality of data.

A focus on Structural Health Monitoring. Strutural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the art of assessing how well the important structures of your life are going to work today. Is that bridge you're heading for all that it's supposed to be? After an earthquake, is your local dam still sound? The U.S Air Force Office of Scientific Research, NASA, and the National Science Foundation have selected Extreme Diagnostics to find out. We're working with some of the finest SHM experts in the nation to develop diagnostic methods and sensors that are practical, reliable, and cheap. Stay tuned.

Extreme Diagnostics is a small business specializing in the application of advanced optical techniques to difficult measurement problems under demanding circumstances. We have extensive experience in aerospace, structural health monitoring, environmental sensing, optical visualization, and digital holography. Extreme Diagnostics is headquartered in Ocean Shores, Washington State; our R&D facilities are centered in the Boulder, Colorado optics cluster.