Digital holography provides superior precision and accurate data.

extreme conditions
We thrive in those environments — heat, cold, wet, dry — where getting meaningful data is a challenge.

non-destructive testing

When it's necessary to gather data unobtrusively, optics provides the solution.

emerging measurement needs
New and emerging technologies call for special measures.



Extreme Diagnostics designs and develops advanced optical systems tailored to your measurement challenges. We routinely produce precise results in extreme environments — in ordinary environments we get amazing results. We specialize in flow visualization, materials processing and environmental measurement, and non-destructive testing and evaluation. Extreme Diagnostics provides R&D support, consulting, and new technology for your emerging measurement needs.

Extreme Diagnostics is a small business specializing in the application of advanced optical techniques to difficult measurement problems under demanding circumstances. We have extensive experience in aerospace, structural health monitoring, environmental sensing, optical visualization, and digital holography. Extreme Diagnostics is headquartered in Ocean Shores, Washington state; our R&D facilities are centered in the Boulder, Colorado optics cluster.